Anders, G. (2001):
"Pilot's Attention Allocation during Approach and Landing -- Eye- and Head-Tracking Research in an A330 Full Flight Simulator",
Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Columbus, OH, USA.


Paper (english, 6 pages) <2001_ohiopaper.pdf> (629KB)


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Pilot's Attention Allocation during Approach and Landing

(Abstract:) Flight trials with airline pilots were conducted using an A330 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) which is located at the Technische Universität Berlin. Under realistic flight conditions the monitoring behavior of professional pilots was recorded by an eye-movement measuring system on a video basis. In addition, a head-tracking device was installed inside the simulator cockpit to collect head-movement data parallel to the subjects eye-movements. This enables an automatic eye-point of gaze (EPoG) calculation and fast data availability. A computer program is introduced to analyze and explore the display and panel scanning behavior of pilots in a complex and highly automated cockpit environment shortly after the simulator training session.

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