Hüttig, G., Anders, G., Tautz, A. (1997):
"ATC Data-Link in an Airbus A340 Cockpit",
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Volume 1, pg. 685 - 690, Columbus, OH, USA.


Paper (english, 6 pages) <1997_ohiopaper.pdf> (271KB)


ATC Data-Link in an Airbus A340 Cockpit

(Abstract:) An experimental Navigation Display (eND) with an integrated ATC message field was developed for the presentation of short term ATC messages in the A340 cockpit. Based on an evaluation study with 12 experienced crews in the A340 Full Flight Simulator, a concept for a fully integrated ATC data link system for a modern glass-cockpit was developed. This includes short term messages, long term planning functions, negotiation of complete flight plans and a compensation for the missing party line effect. In addition to the eND, which is used for short term tasks, long term planning functions were implemented into the Flight Management System (FMS) of the A340. The FMS control device, the Multi-purpose Control and Display Unit (MCDU), were enhanced accordingly with additional functions and menu pages. The implication of this data link environment on the pilot’s working situation compared to the existing situation is investigated. In particular, aspects of the human machine interface are addressed, e. g. acceptance procedures, visual perception issues and implications on the pilots workload.

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